Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bounce? What bounce?

All this talk on the MSM about Bush's great week (al-Zaqwiri killed, Bush visits Green Zone in Baghdad, Rove escapes indictment), check out these poll numbers. Barely a bump or a blip. I find the most telling means of reading the numbers is to compare the latest poll of each service with that service's previous poll numbers. A one-point movement in one recent poll, a two-point movement in another, with the negative poll numbers in each remaining constant. Could Bush have arrived at the point where he, personally, is "disapproved" and nothing he can do, or that happens in the world can change that?

I'm inclined to think that that's what happened to Truman and Jimmy Carter. They just got on the wrong side of the electorate's collective psyche and couldn't recover. Let's hope Bush is similarly placed--and that in desperation he doesn't do something ugly to try to gain support. Like attack Iran.

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