Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hang on Ruth and the gang

In view of these recent Supreme Court decisions--all horrible retreats from good jurisprudence--we better pray the four "liberals" (they're not very liberal, really) remain in good health for at least 18 months, so that a Democratic president and Senate will replace them. And then we'd better hope for poor health (death, preferably) of a couple of the five monsters on the Right, to secure a moderate majority on the Court. Otherwise, at the rate the five are rippping away the fabric of our constitution, we'll be left with nothing but a shred of freedoms in a few years.

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Kyle said...

It doesn't even feel like the same institution I studied in law school. I remember reading cases and feeling good that America had recourse to a court capable of wisdom. It's like Bush's presence in the capital has drained all humanity and moral vision from the city.