Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A video from the past

Wanna watch something really depresssing? Here's the culture I was raised in, filmed precisely when I was graduating high school.


Anonymous said...

Interesting catch, Erik - how on earth did you find this gem? Although filmed when you were a Freshman (1955 - check the autos) it pretty well described, in hindsight, the culture of our HS generation even into the early 60's. While hardly unique architecture, the graduation scene did indeed duplicate the THS front steps. Wow! Good show from our (vintage) vantage point!

Erik said...

The source of the video is this site:


Many more fascinating chunks of history to be found there.

mbarker1948@frontiernet.net said...

Erik, I am reading and enjoying your book. I will write a favorable review for Amazon when I am done. Hope it helps get your book made into a movie.

Regarding All That Arises, have you ever read "The Bell Curve" by Hernstein and Murray? They have a very different take on the causes of social stratification.

Hope to talk to you again soon.

Your friend,
Mike Barker

Erik said...

Mike, Thanks for the comment. I'm looking forward (I think) to any commments you have about the book, and any further comments you have about the blog.