Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The good hurt

Back in high school, the football coach told us when we were complaining that certain calisthentics were painful (I particularly despised the repeated running-in-place, then dropping to the ground, then up again), that we were feeling "the good hurt." Well, now, torn between voting for Obama and Edwards in the upcoming California primary, I'm experiencing the good hurt. They're both fine candidates and although my preference--based on positions alone--is for Kucinich, I realize he's not going to get the nomination, so I feel compelled to vote for someone who might.

Nader endorsed Edwards. Kucinich recently told those in Iowa who were caucusing for him in the first phase, that if he didn't get the required 15% of members, he'd want them to support Obama. This might be enough to give Obama enough votes to win in Iowa. However, I read today a piece by Michael Moore that mirrors my thoughts precisely, and it tends to favor Edwards for many of the same reasons I do.

Oh, the good hurt.


corewell said...

I think Kucinich would make a great president. If not him, then Edwards. I've heard some pretty smart folks say that we may very well be looking at economies tanking all over in 2008 like before WWII. And the real concern is who can handle that the best. Are we looking at a very fat recession in 2008?

Thank you for the references to Moore and Nader. I also think Nader is still the great man.

Erik said...

I like Edwards' litigation mode. He, like me, spent his professional career battling against the bad guys and knows, as I do, that they're not going to cave in--not going to give an inch--in any negotiations about regulation or taxation or otherwise. We're engaged in a class war here, and only Edwards and Kucinich seem to get it.

Kyle said...

I think an Edwards/Obama ticket would be formidable in November in ways that Obama/Edwards wouldn't. I fear that the country would get cold feet at the last minute and balk at electing a black man. Or a woman, for that matter. Sad, and race or gender shouldn't matter, but we are not so enlightened a People as we like to think we are. But I think the country would vote for a black man as running mate. Which in my mind makes Edwards a better play in the Primary.