Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well, duh...

Five years of invasion/occupation and it finally occurs to our leaders to offer the Iraqis jobs to clean up the damage we caused? Five years to figure this out? WTF?


Kyle said...

Ministry of Truth is at it again. The truth is they were supposed to employ Iraqis in a thousand ways, from the first days following Shock and Awe.They just didn't bother because it wasn't good for business.
This is just propaganda, and the only thing it proves is that there are some things Haliburton doesn't want a no-bid contract for.

corewell said...

We already know how to rebuild nations( Japan & Germany under the Marshall plan). Therefore, it's obvious that the administration had no intention of helping the Iraqis rebuild and restore their nation. Bush & Cheney and their ilk
deliberately did not help. I really feel bad for the soldiers who have been misled about their mission.