Saturday, September 03, 2005

Too good to be true?

Could it be that George Tenet will come clean, will no longer tolerate the role of scapegoat for the various intelligence failures under his watch? Could it be that he would write a memoir that laid the blame on Bush and Cheney and their minions? Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Here's what's wrong with our system of government

A United States District Judge who up to now has been relatively receptive to the ACLU's claim to full disclosure of the grossest Abu Ghraib videos and photos, now relapses into judicial mumbo-jumbo, giving deference to the testimony of military types who say that such disclosure would injure the war effort and cause death to our military forces.

Look, Judge Hellerstein, the citizens of this nation are its owners, are its bosses. How dare you stand in the way of an informed citizenry, depriving them of information about their nation's most important facet--war-making--by hiding behind some separation-of-powers nonsense, or worse, a facile fact-finding function! It's the judges, under article 3 of the Constitution, who were placed in the position of reining in the legislative and executive branches of government, who were the guardians of the public's right to know and to express themselves knowledgably, despite the efforts of those who govern them to hide facts and functions.

Judge Hellerstein, there's no debate, no doubt. The voters need to know what their employees, the government, has done in their name. You must order the photos and videos released to the public or else America becomes--no doubt about it--just another nation doomed to destruction by its own lack of honesty and virtue. And you, Judge Hellerstein, are early on the list of those who enabled, ensured, its demise.

The cost of war

Here, finally, is a comparison of the dollar cost of the US madness in Iraq to its madness in Viet Nam. No wonder his administration couldn't afford to build levees around New Orleans.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happier than pigs in shit?

Yup, that's it. That's what Rove and Cheney and Bush are feeling right now. They've got their Wag the Dog event, their urgent distraction from the reality of Bush's malfeasances in Iraq, in economic policy, in everything he touches: Hurricane Katrina, a Godsend for Bush, will be exploited by him and his comrades to bail him out of the onslaught of terrible news from home and abroad, to explain the rising gas prices, to allow him to be a savior (a false one, again), to deflect the news (the MSM news, certainly) from everything that's gone before.
How does he do it? How does Bush slide through a life of evil, corrupt, and worthless acts and somehow emerge unscathed, even heroic? A miracle, truly. No wonder he believes in a personal God and in Jesus as miracle-maker.