Saturday, November 20, 2004

The "I" word

Many months ago I predicted inflation in the American economy because of the profligate spending by the Bushies on crazy domestic programs, tax cuts, trade imbalances that are staggering and, of course, the mad spending on the Iraq adventure. Finally, after Greenspan tried to hold onto the low interest rates as long as possible, inflation is finally imminent, and it's going to be vicious, because it will be triggered by foreign investors' finally becoming disenchanted with US federal debt instruments, causing the interest rates on notes to rise, and dragging everything in the economy, from consumer loans and mortgages to retail goods to rise, all in an harmonious surge of prices.

Friday, November 19, 2004

This is as good as it gets

Once again, AntiWar dot com--Justin Raimondo--has said it all.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Just for today

Check out this site--Iraq Coalition Casualties--for the incredible string of violent attacks on troops, civilians, oil facilities throughout Iraq. The list is of just today's attacks. Imagine if the same thing were happening daily in California, which is one-third more populous than Iraq. We'd be in a state of seige! Like Iraq.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More Gestapo

Now, it seems, officials of political parties that oppose the Iraqi interim government are being arrested.

What next? Are Sunnis going to be required to wear yellow crescents on their robes, or maybe six-pointed stars?

Monday, November 15, 2004

This is an interesting twist

We liberals can't contain Bush over the next two or four years. He's off to the races, naming a Fascist to the Attorney General's post, keeping Rummie aboard at Defense, and now putting Condi Rice's name up for Secretary of State, to replace Colin Powell, the only colorably sane member of the Bush administration.

But maybe Bush won't name Condi, after all. Not because of his scruples or our protest, but because of the impact on the dollar. As Forex puts it,

Considering Rice’s staunch support for the war in Iraq, there is a sense that Rice’s unilateral tendencies [and] rhetoric may be too excessive for the habitually diplomatic State Department. Increased expectations of rising unilateralism in US foreign policy would tend to trigger dollar selling by an increasingly geopolitically sensitive currency market.

More Gestapo

This story about the US flying its prisoners to torture-using countries for "interrogation" isn't just some conspiracy-theorist's rant. It's being reported by the London Times (through an Australian weekly), a newspaper that's owned by conservative media mogul Rupert Murdock.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Kerry's alternate concession speech

Found on this clever blog, through Kyle's blog, Metaphor, the concession speech Kerry should have made. Not a healing address, but true.

The latest Gestapo tactic

Let's see: Invasion, armed occupation, installation of a puppet government, collective punishment, torture, oppressive treatment of civilian population, massive armed suppression of the resistance and now, arresting members of the clergy for opposing the occupation. All to "liberate" the occupied nation.

Sound like the Nazis in France, the Soviets in Hungary, the Italian Fascists in Ethiopia? No, it's America in Iraq, the Good Guys of the world.