Friday, April 27, 2007

It's all my fault

If I hadn't made that offhand remark yesterday about Riverbend's failure to post to her blog of late, she wouldn't have decided to leave Iraq.

You want pathos, tragedy, outrage? Try reading her post.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Body counting

It now turns out that the Bush-touted "decline in sectarian violence in Baghdad" is based on skewed numbers. Not skewed, actually: fabricated. The number of bodies that are included in Bush's calculations don't take into account the major killer, namely, bombs carried by cars or suicides.

What won't this administration do to manipulate the public's perception of this awful war?

(I'll keep track to any MSM publication of this new outrage.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Must see TV

Now that Riverbend has quit posting to her blog (at least lately), check out this video blog (vlog) by some Iraqi young folks. Often sad, always moving.

Look out below!

This site, Forex, tracks the major currencies. I've been following it for years, but lately have placed a fair-sized investment in the euro and so now I check the charts daily. (In order to see charts of the various currencies "against" each other, click on the countries' flags in the center of the frame.) The euro popped through an historic high ($1.36 dollars per euro) a few days ago and appears to have an upper limit constrained only by trade and governmental sanity returning to the US--and hence no barrier at all.

If you've got some spare dollars lying around, you might want to climb on the bandwagon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The L word

What fun it is, finally, to hear the words "lies" and "liars" in connection with the Pat Tillman investigation being conducted by California Congressman Henry Waxman's committee. Pat's brother no only used those words but repeated them again and again, as to both the Army's explanation of what happened on that ridge in Afghanistan and its coverup by the Army brass.

Monday, April 23, 2007

What I far

Ideas such as this, speaking of a "unified field" or a "unified consciousness" appeal to me as a sound explanation of what is. They contain a comforting coalescence of mathematics and physics with Buddhist thought and even Jungian psychology. However, I depart from the author's analysis (because I find no imperical basis for it) in its presentation idea that this "field" is "love." Certainly one is free to believe that, or one is free to assume it and act in accordance with it, but I simply don't see anything in my experience or in the author's reasoning that makes it so.

So--I find it plausible that there's an elementary base force at work in all matter and energy that we know of, and that that force is likely not entirely random, but in some measure directed (for example, from organization to entropy). More than that, I know not, except that I can choose to make of that fact whatever I wish. If I wish to call it "love," I may do so, and act accordingly. If I wish to call it "horsefeathers," I may do that, and act accordingly. This, to me, better explains the presence in the universe of people like George Bush or Adolph Hitler, because their existence--and the power they've wielded--are inexplicable if the notion of "love" is imputed to the universal force. These people, and many too many others in human history, have proven to me the absence, not the presence, of any abiding concept of love in the universe.