Saturday, November 01, 2003

The ghoul in me

I'm angry--at whom I don't know, precisely. Look, the more dead US soldiers in Iraq, the worse it is for Bush. And the sooner we'll pull out of there. So, when there's a persistent under-reporting of deaths in the media, I'm angered, but at least I'm alive to blog on the subject.

If I were a dead soldier, say the result of a humvee crash or a drowning in the Tigris, I'd be pissed off that my death didn't at least become a statistic that might help to effect a change the course of history. But no, if a soldier dies in Iraq by other than an enemy bullet or bomb, his death counts for nothing, not even in the tabulation of casualties that one day may cause the US citizenry to get rid of Bush and elect a sane president. (This form of refined, limited casualty-counting, BTW, is unique to this war.)
Even in death, I would be really pissed off.

Victims of Arson

I have this to say about Erik's last post:

The Bush administration was right about one thing. We are in danger of being victims of terrorism, right here in the USA.

A bit scary

In spite of neighbors' protests, this Virginia couple installed on their porch a sign stating the number of U.S. military casualties in Iraq. "Egging" of their house, hoots and insults, were followed, one night, by arson of the sign--and as a result, the house.

I march on Saturday mornings, along with a few others, carrying a sign up and down State Street in SB that displays the latest casualty figures, and often, when I park my Volvo in parking lots, I place the sign atop my car, sticking through the sunroof. On one side it says, "Hey, Hey, USA! How many soldiers died today?" and on the other, "'Bring 'em On'-2388 U.S. Causualties-R U Happy Now, W?" I update the number regularly. (Today's total, BTW, is 2470.)

So far, I've received only these reactions: A few notes, half positive, half negative, pinned under my windshield wiper, and a couple of snide remarks ("Dirty hippie," "Get a life") as I install the sign. No egging or keying of my car, no harm to the sign. So far.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Adolph Bush

I recall a WWII photo of Hitler patting the cheek of a child recruit who he was about to send into battle as the Third Reich came to an end. With our present Fuehrer's announcement of quickie training of Iraqi youths to take over for American soldiers, I'm getting an eerie feeling, not of deja vu, but of historical repetition.

Stupid questions

John, an occasional contributor, submits these questions:

I may be stupid but didn't we start this war to deprive Iraq of their WMD? If so, since we now have determined there are no WMD, doesn't this mean we accomplished our mission by default and should simply pack up and go home?

'Nuff said.


Something's got to be done about this lying bitch.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

This is delicious

Okay, so now that Tribune Bremer has by fiat opened up Iraq to commercial exploitation by Bush's cronies, and they flock to Iraq to rip off the locals as well as the US taxpayers (who, it should be noted, are funding Iraq's reconstruction), this happens: Iraq, through its legally-constituted entity (not the CPA-appointed stooges) later decides to renege on some of the deals, leaving Bushies broke and stranded in the desert. All without legal recourse, because Bremer and friends had no legal power or authority to grant the contracts ab initio.
I can't wait.

How much ya wanna bet?

So, the oilfield contract is going to be doubled in monetary scope and put out to bid on a noncompetitive basis. Who do you think is going to be granted the extra billion-plus?

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The future of jobs in America looks dim, thank God

This analysis of a Job-is-worth-less economy is, for this Bush-hater (and non-jobseeker) heaven-sent. Indeed, in the face of all of this "recovery" noise, it makes sense.
The other evening, for example, my laptop crashed and I called the requisite 1-800 number for technical assistance (which BTW was timely and effective). As my tech-support person and I were waiting for some fix on my machine to take effect, I asked him where he was located, that is, what city I'd reached with my toll-free call.
"Delhi," he said.
And so it goes.

Cher, Abe & Bush

If we love America, we have to pray for America. Before the president and the neocons trade our community chest for a handful of hate and we finally truly go the way of Rome.

We used to have leaders who would meet the coffins at Andrews AFB, and meet with the families of the dead. Remember Bill Clinton crying in the hanger at Andrews? And lest you think it's a partisan issue, remember Lincoln ministering to the nation's grief at Gettysburg?

"The father grieves for his son, and will not leave the room
where the coffin stands."

Throughout the course of human life, it has been a common duty of substantive leadership to lead the people in mourning, and we as a nation have always wept together. Anyone who has seen the Vietnam Memorial wall knows this is true. We are supposed to be led to take "increased devotion" and "highly resolve that (the) dead shall not have died in vain."

Cher is right, and it illuminates the reality that his nation is not being led as the community of people that we thought we were. George W. Bush will not meet the coffins at the airport. He is cynical and drunk with power, obsessed with a vain and illusory victory. He cares little for the price paid by those who bear the duty, and he will not hug their grieving families. His minions have outlawed photos of the arrivals of our dead. It is beyond his poor power to consecrate or comfort, to add or detract. I doubt it's in his heart to even try.

"Mother whose heart hung humble as a button
On the bright splendid shroud of your son,
Do not weep.
War is kind."

Monday, October 27, 2003

Right on, Cher

You've got to read this transcript of a caller to C-Span. (Scroll down to "Cher on Cspan") Now I see what Sonny saw in her.

October surprise & tuna salad sucks, says Salam

Erik's theory that Caesar will attempt to fuel re-appointment by an October Surprise is shared by a man in Baghdad, not quite verbatim.

See the entry beginning, "My cousin, after his third beer ...." dated 10/19/03, on Where is Raed ?

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I could'na said it better redux

This fun-written piece, reciting What We Can Do About It All, is uplifting. I wish I could change America by a wink and a nod, but no. However, this I can do.