Monday, November 15, 2004

This is an interesting twist

We liberals can't contain Bush over the next two or four years. He's off to the races, naming a Fascist to the Attorney General's post, keeping Rummie aboard at Defense, and now putting Condi Rice's name up for Secretary of State, to replace Colin Powell, the only colorably sane member of the Bush administration.

But maybe Bush won't name Condi, after all. Not because of his scruples or our protest, but because of the impact on the dollar. As Forex puts it,

Considering Rice’s staunch support for the war in Iraq, there is a sense that Rice’s unilateral tendencies [and] rhetoric may be too excessive for the habitually diplomatic State Department. Increased expectations of rising unilateralism in US foreign policy would tend to trigger dollar selling by an increasingly geopolitically sensitive currency market.

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