Friday, January 23, 2004

The ace in the hole: Dick Cheney

As I was out at the Dolphin Fountain in SB this afternoon with my protest sign, one side of which reads, "Anybody -- Absolutely Anybody -- But Bush!", I had a thought. Since the opponents are presenting a fear-based campaign, why not equalize it with our own?

The target wouldn't be Bush, scary as he is, because too many duped Americans think he's a nice, stupid guy. But Cheney. He's pretty much conceded to be the power behind the throne and he's not only scary, he's unlikeable as hell.

So, I think (in addition to a wealth of positive campaigning) the Democrats should tee off on Cheney with slogans like, "I'm scared of Dick Cheney. Aren't you?" and "Cheney runs this country. Four more years?" and "Cheney will give us four more wars." And "Cheney/Bush: Four more wars." I've just begun to spin slogans, but I think I'm onto something.

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