Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Be careful what you ask for...

So Condi will testify publicly and under oath after all. Oh perfect. Rove has played the Commission and the public (and most of all the "outraged liberals") perfectly. After all this hulabaloo, the eyes of the press and the masses will be glued to her every word and of course she'll be brilliant. She'll weave a quilt of deceit and dissembling that will dazzle the hapless commission members and not a one, not Ben Veniste, not former Senator Kerrey, none of them, will be able to score any points. As a result, she'll completely cover over Richard Clarke's allegations with smooth phrases and gobbledegook. Indeed, because she's proven herself to be capable of lying, and has a track record to protect, she'll smoothly refute Clarke's charges point by point--which is the benefit of being the last witness.
I saw this coming a week ago and didn't post about it because I thought it was so obvious.
So much for the damage caused by Clarke's allegations. All that the public will remember is how forthcoming Bush has been, how truthful and solid Condi is, how strong the administration is and how secure we may rest in our beds.
We shouldn't have squealed about Condi's refusal to testify after the initial squeal. Now we've allowed Bush to turn this public relations nightmare into a plus.

Who's running this show, anyway?

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