Friday, March 26, 2004

Power of Incumbency, or of Big Brother

I'm watching MSNBC at 9:45 a.m. on Friday. They've chosen to cover live and uninterrupted, for an extended period (10 minutes, so far), a straight-up Bush campaign speech delivered in New Mexico. The lead-in to the story was that Bush was going to talk about a housing plan or something, but the speech so far hasn't said anything about that. Instead it was Bush pleading for votes, calling attention to his attack on Iraq as a threat, talking about his forebearance in Iraq and so forth.

This is more than news coverage. It's unadulterated bias in favor Bush by MSNBC, owned, as we know, by General Electric--a major supplier of military weapons to the US and the world.

Meanwhile, Kerry has announced a major economic program. Not a moment is given to his presentation. Not a whisper.

I'm telling you, we've now arrived at Big Brother, sponsored not just by the state, but by a combination of the state, the media and the monied interests.

We who resist this monolith must rally outside of the mainstream. We can't succumb to the urge to quit in the face of all this power. We've got to take America back.

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