Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The trouble with blogging

Is that it's likely no one is reading all this wisdom, especially when the wisdom might be useful. For example, I love the images of Kerry dressed in a work shirt, punching the air, while Bush is clad in suits, addressing stuff-suited donors. Somehow, even though Kerry's a patrician (Bush, whatever his credentials, isn't), he looks appropriate in informal gear, while Bush always appears strained and stilted in his cowboy garb.
Another observation: Kerry should address, in his ads and speeches, Bush/Cheney, not just Bush alone. Cheney's a drag on Bush, a wild-card weirdo, and the more Kerry can drag him into the fray the better.
I have other insights, hoping against hope that someone will hearken to them. Like my chant: "Hey, hey, USA, How many soldiers died today?" Or Kyle's: "On November 2, Dis--Appoint Bush/Cheney".
Good stuff, eh?

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