Friday, April 30, 2004

Tweedle Dee speaks

I've been watching John Kerry's speech at Westminster College (a speech that was covered live by cable TV because the college offered Kerry the opportunity after Cheney used the podium to attack him last week). Kerry didn't abuse the speech to attack Bush/Cheney directly, although of course he posited his "plan" for Iraq in terms that I suppose he thought was in opposition to Bush/Cheney's.

However, it hardly was. He harped on "internationalization" of the effort in Iraq, suggested the appointment (by whom?) of an International High Commissioner, and took a swipe at "no-bid" contracts of reconstruction. But other than those fluffy words, it was more of the same war-making under the guise of "security" in Iraq and the world.

Kerry's delivery was okay, but hardly inspirational. And the content? Well, the speech was broadcast at mid-day, which explains why it didn't cause me to fall asleep.

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