Friday, September 10, 2004

He who laughs last...

Well, now, isn't this delicious. A spat over the genuineness of documents. Between Dan Rather of CBS and the Republicans, with document experts weighing in. It couldn't come at a better time. Seven weeks before the election. Focusing on Bush's military service, calling into question his veracity and honor, the strong points of his poll-popularity, the cornerstone of his support.

And, I think, with more to come.

The maxim of this campaign is to attack the opposition on their strength. Kerry was attacked on his wartime record and on his legislative service. Now Bush's strength, credibility and straight-shooting and feistiness are drawn into question, and intrigue--document authenticity--adds to the drama.

Now's the time to go for the jugular, everybody. Bush is a flake, a frat-boy weenie, who's lied his way into high office, who's slid into power, who's worthless as a leader and as a man. Bring out the guns. Let's smash this cockroach of a human, sparing no quarter. Let's win, as we must, at any cost, even to our own honor.


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