Friday, November 11, 2005

A million monkeys

at a million typewriters may have made these changes between the classified intelligence report and the unclassified version that was given by the President to Congress to justify the invasion of Iraq, but I doubt it. In the first place, it would require that the monkeys come up with the "corrections" in just a few days; in the second place, the monkeys would have to add a clause--actually add words to a complete sentence--to make the case for war more alarming, as is apparent by the second example by which the prospect of delivery of biological agents by air--says the unclassified report--includes, potentially, the United States. Now how would a monkey know to type these words and add such a clause? And how come it appeared in the unclassified version, not in the classified version? Wouldn't you think the classified version would have more detail, more alarming prospects, than the unclassified version?

Recall the "dodgy dossier" in the UK? Well, we've got our own version in the US.

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