Sunday, February 26, 2006

"It's my porty..."

Okay, not a good pun, but "port in a storm" was already taken.

Isn't it delicious? The Right-Wing nuts are braying that Bush sold us out to the Ayrabs; the "jump-on-Bush-for-anything-no-matter-what-its-merits (except the war)"--I'm talking the bitch Hillary here--is braying the same tune, and Bush is backpedaling while talking about how we've got to be fair to our brothers of the desert. You can't make this stuff up!

What an administration. Never a dull news cycle! Makes the Clinton stuff seems tame--and occasional. I mean, even with travel-gate and Whitewater and Monica, the Republicans could only come up with a scandal a month. Here we have one a week, and they're getting weirder and weirder, from "Vice President shoots guy in the face" to "Bushies okay deal to sell US ports to Arabs."

What fun!

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