Thursday, June 22, 2006

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan

US troops are dying (four yesterday), and even our puppet president, Karzai, is complaining about the conduct of the foreign troops in his land. Sound like any place else you've heard of lately?

Here's a more detailed dispatch to the same effect. I do admire Karzai for urging nonmilitary means for dealing with the insurgents in Afghanistan--and for protesting the killing of Taliban members, because "they too are sons of this land."

Let's face it (as no lawmakers have done): The solution to the planet's strife--from the Middle East to the Far East, from Africa to South and Central America, "terrorism" to state-sanctioned war--isn't now and has never been military. It's been political, economic, social. It's been that there's a fundamental unfairness in the distribution of means and wealth and freedom and opportunity on Earth. How can any nation--the US, the UK, even Denmark, France, Sweden--justify the vast differences between its citizens' material wealth, and that of citizens of the third world? How can such nations--especially the US--justify the ongoing and growing inequality of material wealth and opportunity among its own citizens? Any answers?

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