Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dennis on YouTube

Here's Kucinich's spot on YouTube, apparently to appeal to young, hip voters. And you wonder why he's going nowhere? (And who's that lady behind him, towering over him, mugging at the camera? It's apparently his new wife, Elizabeth. So, why not introduce her and then move her a foot or two to the right?) And his quick, geeky speech: For christsakes, is this the best candidate the Left can put up?

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Anonymous said...

How embarassing for him! Didn't anybody check this out before displaying it on his website? His wife in the background looks like a "plant" to make him look good; but her appearance in the way they have her; as if she's some porn star giving us a come-hither kind of look just makes the whole video clip look ridiculous. Then, the handful of supporters at the end there; it would have been better to have no audience or a large crowd; but not a bunch of people who just seem to be thrilled to be on his website with him...I love what Dennis has to say, but I don't love the way he conveys his words. I've always been very supportive of him, but he seems to be going about the campaigning business all wrong!