Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A growing phenomenon

This story about the new craze for oversized houses in suburbia--McMansions--isn't comforting. Its tone seems to be acquiesent in the trend, although there are countermeasures afoot in some communities. My favorite word in the article: "Garage Mahals."


corewell said...

Folks have been building and buying mansions forever. What I think is amazing is the money to do it.In my lifetime almost everyone yearned to be that "rich".
If not a mansion, then hundreds of acres of ranch or "estate". Now that civil rights, womens'rights and the middleclass are almost kaput, we see again, a culture of yearning for wealth. Only the gold matters and we leave the rest to social workers and churches. The middleclass is being crushed, right now.

Unknown said...

Yeah, we're starting to see that a little, here in Carp. Houses that are way too big for the tract lot they're sitting on, and just don't fit in with the neighborhood. I don't see how they even get past the setback requirements. Aw, don't get me started.