Thursday, May 01, 2008

A matter of judgment

I suppose it won't get much play in the corporate media, but the gas-tax holiday story is important, very important, in demonstrating both that Obama brings a fresh outlook to Washington and possesses judgment superior to the other two candidates for President. First, McCain proposed a suspension of the federal excise tax on gasoline, and he was then quickly followed by Hillary Clinton. Obama opposed such a measure as being merely a political gesture that would have a negative impact on the problem of gasoline consumption, while offering drivers little--and only palliative--relief.

Guess who's right, according to a host of economists, including Bush's own former chief economist.

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Unknown said...

I'd like to ask Hillary and John a few questions: How long is it going to take us to recoup the lost tax revenue? How much infrastructure maintenance are we deferring? Why is the "vacation" coming out of our pockets - since taxes are at best money we pay ourselves to have a communal existence - and not from the profits of Big Oil?