Thursday, July 17, 2008


I just read an observation (a comment on the BBC website) that chilled me to the bones: "Remember, the American voters were imbecilic enough to re-elect Bush in 2004 by a larger margin than they elected him four years earlier; and this after he'd displayed unsurpassed incompetence and arrogance for his entire first term. Don't be surprised, therefore, if they demonstrate that same idiocy in 2008 by electing McCain to continue Bush's presidency. Someone once said 'stupid is as stupid does.' I'm not certain what that means, but let's hope it doesn't mean McCain will likely win election."

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corewell said...

I agree with the BBC. I haven't seen any growth or change in the people who voted in Bush. They can't think for themselves and they believe everything Bush tells them. That which is obvious is invisible to them. They are plodding horses wearing blinders.