Sunday, August 24, 2008

About Biden

On many issues, Biden's okay. He's a white-collar liberal (by which I mean a traditional, not-get-dirty type) on social and economic issues. No problem there. But as to Iraq, and the use of military force generally, Justin Raimondo's comments are, as usual, spot on.

(That website,, is a great place to visit for one-issue essays. The contributors are of all political stripes, from Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan on the Right, to peacenik lefties. Their common denominator: Abhorrence of war, as immoral and/or as an effective solution to disputes.)


Michael Roberto said...

yes I can taste stale cigar smoke when I look at Biden. But those guys are in our world too and we should cut a deal: if we let some of the tired past in the room, they have to admit the future....and hopefully it will not turn out like the Israeli Parliament, all splinters and no log.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's only cigar smoke. Stephen Zunes has an ultimately more gut-searing cut on Biden and I, for one, am queasy. His bottom line:

"The veteran Delaware senator has been one the leading congressional supporters of U.S. militarization of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, of strict economic sanctions against Cuba, and of Israeli occupation policies."

(The Biden Betrayal; also on; 8/26)

Erik said...

I agree with the above two comments. There's something about this nation that finds resort to armed force just plain okay. I mean, what is it about the American psyche that requires us to be bullies? Wouldn't it be nice if the US would simply admit it's just another country, living among other countries on this planet? I worry that in my lifetime I'll not see a McGovern as our president, and a secretary of state or peace named Kucinich.