Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Texas don't bow to nobody

Not when it comes to killing Mexicans.

(As background, one of my former law partners handled a case that contained this issue: the obligation of state authorities to follow the Vienna Convention by advising arrested foreign nationals of their right to consult their own national representatives before and during trial.)

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Anonymous said...

Well,it's gonna be hard for me to feel sympathy for a man convicted of rape and murder. He's had 15 years of life his victims didn't have. On the other hand, open defiance of international law and treaty is unconscionable. I just wish this complaint from somewhere else - anywhere else - than Mexico. They throw American tourists in jail for things that aren't even crimes in other countries. Like possession of your own prescription drugs without the original prescription from the doctor. Or just being involved in a cold sober traffic accident. And I've read that they often openly deny consular access. So I strongly disagree with Texas, but Mexico can bite me.