Friday, February 12, 2010

Food for thought

What do you think about this? Positive, negative or crazy?


Unknown said...

Misguided. It works if you work it, right? He must have had something plugged in wrong somewhere.

corewell said...

I think this happens a lot to people. Every group, club,church,cult hopes it happens to their people cause the money usually all goes to their group. I personally knew a guy who taught at a private school, went to a Carl
Rogers retreat, found so much love that he gave away everything (even his car) and walked up in the moutains to meditate. Ended up living with his mother.

This man seems to me to be overly confident that he could recreate the wealth if he chose. Ego does that. Spiritually, it will make him happier during the giving time. After that, who knows what he will find to give.

Buddha did this.