Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Another bike stolen

I returned to my condo this evening to see that my bike had been stolen from my carport sometime during the day. It was hidden from the adjacent street but I hadn't locked it because when I ride it locally (as I do often) it feels paranoid to lock it each time I return home. It wasn't a two-thousand dollar bike, but it was a good ride and I like the darned thing. And now it's gone. It's the second time I've lost a bike to theft. My previous bike was stolen off the back of my truck when I stopped at 7-11, momentarily, in Ukiah, California, on my way back to SB from a trip up north. I've also lost two laptops to theft from my car. That's four thefts, none inconsequential, in the last ten years.

You'd think I'd become more circumspect about securing my possessions on these accounts. But no. So far I've taken the position that we are good people, we humans, and don't do evil. But, damn it, I'm becoming jaundiced and, frankly, I'm growing tired of replacing these things. We're talking many hundreds of dollars over these years, not to speak of the pains in the ass(es).

So, I'm on Craigslist now, looking for a used bike to buy and, I must admit, there are many. Another reason I'm shopping: I might find my own bike for sale. If so, do you think the seller might give me a break on the price?

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Unknown said...

Wow, Erik, that's fucked up. That's the kind of thing that's made me an obsessive lock checker over the years. I'm intrigued by your affirmation that "we are good people, we humans, and don't do evil."
If I might propose an philosophical dichotomy: either stealing your bike was a good act, or we humans do evil. Personally, I come down on the supposition of free will. As my priest used to tell me, "The devil knows how to play us like a flute."
Of course, none of that helps if the bike's not insured.
Sorry, buddy. I can relate to an appreciation of useful material things. Our possessions are part of the web we spin with our lives.