Monday, August 18, 2003

Can't shut me up

I just read that Sunday's Nielsen Ratings were way down for the PGA golf championship last weekend, doubtless because Tiger Woods wasn't in the hunt for the Wannamaker trophy. He ended up tied for 39th place or something and the final round was a battle, a thrilling one to be sure, between two normies: decent-looking nobodies who played good golf but had no hype, no endorsement packages, nothing but solid shot-making. Tells you a bit about the power of advertising, but nothing we didn't already know. But here's the deal. First realization, the ad-makers, the image-makers, are being hoisted on their petards by such an occurence. True, they make millions (with a "b") when Tiger's in contention. but conversely they lose money when he's not. And with golf (unlike, for example, Tour de France) "on any given Sunday."
Which, however, gives rise to a fine idea for a plot for a made-for-TV movie: Star golfer (or tennis player or cyclist or whatever) isn't in the hunt for the title because of the fates or a case of the yips or indigestion or whatever and the network can't handle it and so they bribe the leader to take a fall, to dump a few wedge shots in the lake, to hit a few volleys into the net, just to advance their baby into the final-day battle. Good setup. Now to write the script.


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