Saturday, August 23, 2003

Forty years ago

The fortieth anniversary of the March on Washington is Sunday, August 28. I feel the need to do something special to observe that day. I listened to Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech this evening on the History and Politics Out Loud site that I mentioned in an earlier blog; also heard his sermon entitled "Why I Oppose the War in VietNam." Truly inspirational, but with the ever-widening disparity between rich and poor in this country and throughout the world, with the imperial warmongering of the Administration, with the repression of civil rights in the United States and elsewhere, I wonder how Dr. King would find today's world.
Inspirational...but saddening to hear how little we've evolved in the generation-plus since the sixties. Indeed, hearing the hopeful voice, the reasoned tones of Dr. King, leaves me with the impression that we haven't evolved at all, that instead we've become a mean-spirited, angry place, full of self-hate, bigotry and greed.
Yeah, I need a dose of inspiration and will seek it out between now and eight days from now, in celebration of that Sunday, forty years ago.


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