Thursday, September 18, 2003

No Pax, and no pox

According to the Associated Press, a group of US biological-agent inspectors, self-dubbed "Team Pox," has reported, after months of searching, no evidence of Iraq's having created batches of smallpox virus. There goes another peg of the Bushie's evidence of WMD.
And after reading Ted Kennedy's rant that the invasion of Iraq was a "fraud" concocted in Texas, and announced to the Republican leadership two months before the attack as "good for politics," I'm wondering this: Can Mary Jo Kopechne be forgotten? After all, it was almost 35 years ago. And if so, can Kennedy be elected President? Too old? Too fat? Too liberal? Probably all of those things. Too bad: He's one of the few Senators who voted against the resolution to invade Iraq.
Good to see him teeing off, finally. Now if Clinton would weigh in bigtime (Bill C., not the shrew, Hillary), we could see some serious rock 'n rollin'.

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