Monday, September 15, 2003

The True Cost is More than Bush Asked For!

Headline: America's hidden battlefield toll

Think I'm kidding about Vietnam? Exaggerating maybe? According to this article, "more than 6,000 American servicemen have been evacuated for medical reasons since the beginning of the war, including more than 1,500 American soldiers who have been wounded, many seriously." Add to that over 300 dead.

Oh man, I hate to do this. I really hate it and you're going to hate me for it, but I'm a writer and I have to tell the truth when I see it. The number of US military dead in Iraq since March will soon equal the number of firefighters killed at Ground Zero on 9/11/01 (343).

One is unspeakable tragedy, the other a patriotic and political necessity? Is there anyone out there who wouldn't have pulled those NYFD heroes out of that building before it was too late? Is Iraq any less a collapsing futility? This war has got to stop.

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