Thursday, November 13, 2003

All That Arises ... eventually returns

Readers of this blog may not have been aware, but I've been gone for over a week, spending time with family. Circumstances made contributing to the blog difficult. I'm back, and may eventually have something to contribute again.

I'd like to begin with an observation on Erik's Nov 11 entry, "Who's minding the store?" I suppose a return to the draft is a possibility. I'm 42, fat, and nearsighted ... they won't be coming for me. The bastards missed their chance at my tender years. But my nephew will have to register soon, in April 2019. Should I be concerned?

Is there any hope that in 16 years we will have stopped sending young men and women to make the ultimate sacrifice by dying needlessly for obscure and indefensible reasons? I only ask because he’s enamored of mermaids, Finding Nemo, and a favorite blankie with a design of clouds and sky. I’d like to get a head start, making sure he has the appropriate desert equipment … maybe a Cinderella biohazard mask, little Nemos on his boots, that sort of thing.

Maybe we should check with parents of two year olds now, and arrange for personalized body bags with favorite cartoon characters. And a few gross of prosthetic limbs with the characters from Monsters Inc.

I’m thinking ahead. What else is an Uncle for?

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