Friday, November 14, 2003

If it weren't so tragic... would be hilarious. First, there's "mission accomplished," the disbanding of Saddam's army, and the announcement of a systematic plan for creation of an all-inclusive, democratic Iraq. Then, the first attack of "Saddam loyalists" occurs, then another, then another. Soon, "Saddam loyalists" becomes "foreign terrorists" and "mission accomplished" becomes a call for monetary and personnel assistance from other nations. When this is largely rebuffed, and the attacks cause the UN, the Red Cross and other NGO's to pull out, the effort becomes a "long hard slog" and the US determines that "Iraqization" of the defense force is needed. Then, when the Congress authorizes and additional $87 billion for military and reconstruction efforts, the Iraq Provisional Council is chided for being dilatory and is given a deadline to create a plan for the drafting of a constitution. Then, as the attacks intensify, causing deaths of US soldiers and "coalition" forces in scores, the US determines to prod the council further, to hasten the democracization process and to "outlast" the enemy, whoever it is.

Our modern culture, with its technology, has telescoped history. Wars now take months, sometimes weeks, not years and decades. Explanations--rationalizations--pour forth daily, hourly. In less than eight months, we've seen a tableau of tragedy played out by our evil folly. And, I predict, the pace will continue. By this time next year--election time--all will be known: the madness, the corruption, the deceit , with only one benefit: the casting out of power of the men and women who caused it.

Or not.

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