Saturday, July 10, 2004

Fly on the wall

I would love to overhear the meetings between Rove and Bush on the prospect of bumping Cheney off the ticket (by manufacturing a sudden onset of heart palpitations), in order to replace him with a man who can guarantee Bush's victory, i.e., Colin Powell. (Scroll down to see the dramatic switch of poll numbers when Powell is added to Bush's ticket.)

Also, I'd love to hear the phonecall between Cheney and his physician when Cheney tells him how is heart is palpitating and complaining that he can't continue as Veep because of the ongoing pressure and the obligation he has to the American people to be fit enough to assume those duties.

Believe me, fans, Cheney's going to have an "event" in the next two months. In George Tenet's words, "It's a slam dunk."

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