Sunday, July 04, 2004

Group website claims ...

I've been wondering something lately. Below is an article at Aljazeera which says that certain savage terrorists in Iraq claim they haven't actually cut a captive Marine's head off, yet. And they claim this through their Web site. My question is this:

Why do such articles, which refer to Web sites of terrorists, never provide a link or the URL of the supposed Web site? The Aljazeera article isn't just about the group's denial, but specifically about their Web site's denial. And I can't find the Web site with Google. How do we know it even exists?

I'm just curious what such a Web site would look like, not that I expect it to be in English for my convenience. I mean, how much effort to they put into the interface, the aesthetics, presentation? Do they maybe have some nifty mouse-over before-and-after photos of blown up bystanders? A nice coat of arms, crossed-sabres over a field of camelshit rampant?

Just wondering.

Aljazeera.Net - Group website claims US marine beheaded: "Ansar al-Sunna"

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