Friday, November 12, 2004

Politically incorrect--maybe. But accurate

Lately, there's been negative reaction among liberals to the use of the "s" word in describing those who--out of ignorance rather than political or economic self-interest, like Ken Lay--voted for Bush. The "s" word being, of course, "Stupid." Well, excuuuse me. Because you've got to be real stupid to believe that in ten weeks the people of Iraq are going to be able to have a meaningful election of a 275-person assembly that will "democratically" elect their president. How, exactly, are Iraqi voters going to be meaningfully informed who's running for these seats? Indeed, who would dare to run? Can you imagine hopping up onto a soapbox or (more likely) the top of a Humvee to announce your candidacy for the position in Tikrit or West Baghdad? Can you imagine going door-to-door to get out the vote? Can you imagine, even, talking about your candidacy among your neighbors?

What a stupid nation we are to continue to believe that democracy can be imposed on a nation by force of arms and still in rebellion against its occupiers. How sad that our young kids are dying for this monstrous lie. How evil are those who posit it for their own aggrandizement and financial gain. And how stupid are those who elect them.

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