Thursday, November 11, 2004

The silence is deafening

The assault on Fallujah, to be followed by assaults on many other towns in Iraq and costing the lives of hundreds of soldiers and civilians, is being reported precisely as was the original invasion by the US media. And this, after all the breast-beating apologies by WaPo and NYT, that they weren't critical enough in their evaluation of the basis for the attack or its impact on Iraqis.

Well, here we go again. We are told about injuries and deaths of our soldiers, percentages of boundaries seized, dates for success. But where's the reporting of the Why and Wherefore, where's the reporting of the impact of the assault on the people and on the overall policy? Where's the reporting on the policy, the evaluation of the right and wrong of it? Where, indeed, is the American press--other than the conduits of military promoters--the press that has already admitted it was misled and mistaken and mismanaged just 18 months ago?

I'll tell you where. Back in their cubicles, safely typing out spoon-fed administration dispatches.

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