Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Say goodnight to Knight-Ridder

Reporting like this has characterized Knight-Ridder's work in Iraq. Rare, almost unique, among major reporters. Some British and Canadian sources--The Independent, the Scotsman, The Telegraph, Reuters--dig around for truth, but not the US MSM, not ever. It's my recollection that UPI--previously a decent wire service--was recently taken over by the Washington Times, a Bush-supporting rag owned by the Rev. Sun Yung Moon's companies; and now I hear that Knight-Ridder might be taken over by one of the MSM conglomerates, Gannet Publishing, that owns many papers, including USA Today. So--how to get the news anymore? The Internet, a few radio stations--KPFK locally, and a few reports from the banal Air America--and that's about it.

Does it begin to feel like 1938 Germany?

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