Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A tiny bump on the way to dictatorship

Today the Supreme Court, 6-3, upheld Oregon's "assisted suicide" law, ruling that Ashcroft didn't have the authority to criminalize doctors' prescription of drugs that ended patients' lives. It was a definite rebuff, some have styled it a rebuke, of the Bush administration's position that it's entitled to control by any and all means any Americans' conduct not favored by the Christian Right.
Well, maybe. But mark this: the three dissenters were Scalia, Thomas (known fascists) and--guess who?--Roberts, their new fellow-brownshirt. With the addition of a fourth fascist(appropriately, given Mussolini's second-rate status), an Italian-descent Alito, that decision would have been 5-4.
After I've read the opinion, I'll comment on the dissents (Roberts didn't write one, hiding for the moment behind the skirts of Scalia and Thomas). But this much is certain: We're in for an ugly, ugly time, we liberals and, for that matter, Americans. Anthony Kennedy, a decent guy but no moderate, is going to be the new swing vote on the Court, which means it's going to be a long, long decade.

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