Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Maybe there's hope for us, for the U.S.

I have long argued--including several times in this blog--that true conservatives and liberals agree on a fundamental tenet of constitutional law: a strict restraint on executive power over personal freedoms. Now, finally, we are seeing a rejuvenation of a conservative movement that represents that view--as opposed to the Anne Coulter wing of the right, that accedes to any presidential power that Bush seeks--and its joinder with the liberal left. (Note the membership list in the middle of the article.) Could it be that sanity, and constitutional law, will once again obtain in this republic?


Unknown said...

We can hope. Then maybe someday, I can go back to hugging the middle of the road, where I feel comfortable, without fear that what I like about conservatism is perversely close to fascism.

Erik said...

You look good in the middle of the road, Kyle.