Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In case you're wondering

why I haven't been posting as often lately, it's because I've grown war-weary, and weary in general. The killing and dying goes on in Iraq, America's empire grinds on, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the planet decays, the injustices continue. All while we congratulate ourselves about new technologies for staging presidential candidate debates, debates that don't change anything, except maybe some TV ratings.


Unknown said...

I have been wondering. I can relate to your weariness. But I think maybe it's preferable to succumbing to apathy. We wouldn't be tired of the shit if we didn't care. Right?

Anonymous said...

Grandparents can't be weary. They have to keep fighting against all the crap. How else do we preserve their memories of us?

Anonymous said...

Hej Erik! when did you leave the message? - not that much has changed, except that I have found you and now as cousins we can be war - weary together! England, in my world currently involves fotresses of fugitives in pain, battling old addictions; bombastic self centredness and the sad reality that in time, we are all alone,
; Even the Prince's lustre wanes, only the daughters struggle to help, in a world created by a mad thought that one is truly, uniquely an island, void of humility , or true regard for another, only ever serving one's own desire; feeling quite cleanly, that only one's own agenda matters!! - how absolutely terrfiying now, face to face with that image - the old adage of supreme ego - this ugly spirit formerly a sweetened veneer! Do you know of whom I speak? I send you much love Christel X