Friday, July 27, 2007

Tell me something I don't know

This article lays out the reality, namely, that all this talk about "withdrawing from Iraq" masks the fact that the US military is in Iraq to stay. There may be shifts from ground to air, from urban and suburban patrols to huge-base presence, from day-to-day occupation to omnipresent power but make no mistake: When we hear talk about getting out of Iraq from any of the contenders for the White House (except maybe Richardson and definitely Kucinich) it's not really removal of forces, it's realigning of force.

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Unknown said...

This is true. When Rome occupied the British Isles, they built fortified towns, roads, waterworks, and laid up to stay a while. And I'm sure when this empire has fallen, there will be interesting artifacts to excavate among the weeds and sands of the lands of the tigres and euphrates. The Bible says a house divided against itself cannot stand.