Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More doggerel

Hue-ing the line

On TV, it's Oprah,
She's king of the hill.
In movies, it's Denzel,
Or maybe it's Will.

In tennis, a Williams,
Except when it's two.
In golf, there's no question.
You know, you know who.

In roundball, a toss-up,
'Tween Kobe, LeBron.
In football, McNabb--
On a day when he's on.

And now, not just Condi and Colin:
All of which means, trust me,
Black's the new black.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wow, Erik, this is very tight. Cool piece of doggone doggerel! There’s hardly a single dangling beat or wasted syllable. I like the rhyme in the first stanza the best. It sets a fun, Suess-like tone for the piece. I think it does slow down a little in the last line of the 2nd stanza, “Of course….” Those two words are passive. You might try “You know you know who.” Too cute? Maybe “I think you know who.” You’re right, as you said in your e-mail, the weakest line in the piece is, “There’s no doubt at all.” It’s sort of filler, doesn’t do much work. What if you tried, “It’s simply ironic ….” If my brain coughs up anything better in the shower, I’ll let you know. :o)