Saturday, April 17, 2004

Bush the madman

Apparently, the recent flurry of early-campaign TV ads are intended by their proponent to define the opposing candidate. Bush's ads paint Kerry as tax-and-spend and as a "waffler." Kerry's ads, and those of MoveOn, haven't been as effective in defining Bush yet, but it's early.
My advice to MoveOn is that they do the Bush-defining, allowing Kerry's ads to focus on Kerry's positives, especially since each ad promulgated directly by the candidate must bear the audible assurance that he/she approves the ad.
Further advice to MoveOn: Subtly at first, but repeatedly and with increasing intensity, suggest that Bush/Cheney are crazy. Nuts. Driven by demons and the hearing of voices.
The recent revelations that Bush was fixated on invading Iraq from the outset of his administration, that Cheney and Rumsfeld were plumping for it shortly after 9/11 and over-riding Colin Powell's will, are well documented by former Bush administration officials including his Treasury Secretary and of course Richard Clark. Now, in a book to be published next week, Bob Woodward tells of these fixations and more. Frightening evidence that Bush is crazy, loony, over the edge.

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