Thursday, April 15, 2004

Who Kerry's?

I've been following John Kerry's machinations lately and I gotta say I'm about as enthused about him as president as I was about Al Gore four years ago. For those of you who don't know I voted for Nader in 2000, let me inform you I thought Gore (the Democratic Party) was Tweedle Dee, only slightly better than Dum.
But it's not just Kerry that bores me to distraction, it's his campaign and his positions. Take Iraq. He sounds like Bush lite when it comes to answering "What would you do to change the policy in Iraq?" His answers are mush.
I propose that instead, (1) he would announce that he'd immediately review reconstruction contracts to allow Iraqi companies to work on their own reconstruction so that their people could have jobs and participate in their own rebuilding--and we could save money. (2) He would announce that US troops will remain only upon the explicit invitation of the duly constituted body governing of Iraq, so that the Iraqis would know that we weren't plotting to remain there forever. (3) He would invite the leaders of the entire Muslim/Arab region to a meeting to discuss the disposition of the problems in Iraq, including cooperation to help in the reconstruction, in the supply of Arabic-speaking assistants, in the sharing of Iraq's oil wealth and so forth, thereby turning the Iraq problem into a regional issue.
I have other ideas, but these are just a few, none of which have I heard from Tweedle Dee Kerry. If he keeps this up, he's gonna lose the election. Not because Bush is doing a good job, but because, like Gore, he fucks up his run for the presidency.

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