Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Bush's press conference

I listened to a bit of Bush's "press conference" (a 20-minute speech followed by 11 long speeches that were unresponsive to 11 moderately penetrating questions about Iraq and so forth. I had to turn off the radio--couldn't handle it.

Now, however, I've watched it on TV and have seen the commentators' reactions. Not good for Bush. He's being savaged by the Left and Far Right. Many are saying he's "out of touch with reality," a label that doomed his father, recall, when he marvelled at a grocery store checkout process. But W's "nonreality" is about something more important: war and invasion and death and billions of dollars.
The initial poll, the unscientific poll of AOL that is usually pro-Bush by 20% is slightly anti-Bush, which means that tomorrow's less biased polls will be slanted against his "performance."

Kerry and Move-On and so on should jump on this "unreality" thing, really start the drumbeat that Bush is goddam crazy, going so far as to do collages of his sound bites about how well things are going in Iraq with how awful it is over there, months after the "peace."

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