Thursday, August 12, 2004

If Kerry wins the election

it will be an astounding victory for truth, for reality, over the ignorance of the masses, fed by media tripe. The level of discourse on the TV channels is so base that one wonders how a citizen can be asked to make an intelligent decision. I point, as today's example, to the media's castigation of Kerry for rising to the "bait" that Bush fed him, by saying that he would have voted for the Iraq war, even knowing what is now known about the absence of WMD.

I haven't read the details of that particular exchange, but that's not the issue, that's not what's at stake in the upcoming election. What's at stake isn't debating points or "gotchas" or mean-spirited smears by and of these two men. What's at stake is the future of the planet.

I can only hope that Americans can somehow see through the media's grossly inadequate presentation of the issues and gross distortions of fact. I don't know how they'll do this, and hence must rely on hope.

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