Sunday, August 08, 2004

What are we doing?

We kill 300 "insurgents" on Thursday, another 43 today, an on and on. Is it the US/Iraqi-"Interim government" plan to kill everyone who resists their view of how Iraq should be governed? Al-Jazeera is silenced, the Iraqis are cowering and roasting in their homes, the occupation force--the US, supporting Alawi--holding sway on the streets. Doesn't this sound like Saddam Hussein is still in power, except he's our Saddam?

Listen: We are the evil ones in that region now. We've replaced an earlier evil with our own concept of how Iraq should be run, with the same methodology, except with higher-tech fire power. And if there's any doubt about what kind of "democracy" we're creating in Iraq, check out this report from some Oregon national guardsmen.

And this report by Al-Jazeera (which the arabs read) reveals how the US attacks in Najav are perceived in that world. And we are the "liberators"?

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