Monday, August 09, 2004

Who are these guys?

Who keep screwing up our effort to capture and convict terrorists? First, from a longstanding story now being revived, the Justice Department obstructed a federal prosecution of terrorists in Detroit. Absolutely amazing story that only now is getting legs again.

Getting legs because just last week administration spokepersons "outed" an alleged al Qaeda operative--a Pakistani named Noor Khan--while he was still of value in providing information about the network. The Brits are outraged, because this caused them to accellerate a series of arrests, as well as to fold up an ongoing sting operation. And why was the name released? Condi Rice says it was to "level with" the American citizenry. Bullshit. We didn't need his name in order to be warned. It was done simply to lend credence to the administration's claim that the latest alert wasn't just old news, now released because of political motives. As always in the Bush White House, politics trumps everything, even the safety of the nation.

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