Saturday, August 28, 2004

Okay, here goes

High-ups in the Pentagon, an inch away from the highest-ups, are handing Israel our state secrets. Let's see. What can that mean?

To me, it proves that the neocons--the men who've taken over the Defense Department--are, and have always been, bent on establishing a system in the Middle East by which the US, with Israel as its local nuclear-armed ally, dominates the oil-rich region. To resident Muslims, it confirms precisely that, and that both Israel and the US are the mortal enemies of Islam.

I'm an American citizen. I have no designs on the Middle East, I want energy independence from the region and want our government to stop supporting regimes that allow our corporations to exploit their oil, at the expense of the citizens of the nations that own the resources.

I certainly don't side with Israel in its constant war with the arabs who are trying to regain lands long ago inhabitated by them and promised them by the United Nations sixty years ago.

This latest Bush administation scandal--Feith-gate--tells me this: Our nation is so egregiously off course in its dealings with the rest of the world, and in its treatment of the world, that revolution is inevitable.

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